Created for UDC Jam Week #11

a lot more I wish I could have expanded upon with this micro game, but considering the time constraint I feel it went pretty well.

Will be updating the game and this page with a proper credits section as lots of free 3d models were used that deserve attribution.

Please toss a rating for the UDC week 11 jam if you have a moment! :)

11/10/2019 - figured out why the WebGL build wasn't registering. Game should be playable in the browser now! 

11/11/2019 - webGL bugfix uploaded.


Download 41 MB

Development log


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Good game. (Skip to 10:04)

It keeps breaking at the airlock part, and preventing me from entering the ship.

sorry to hear that! breaking as in crashes, or simply doesn't work?

are you playing on the PC build or webGL?

Webgl. It doesn't crash, the door behind closes, and the door in front doesn't open. I will be trying a PC build to give it a fair rating.

a fixed build has been uploaded, thanks for bringing this to my attention :)